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Infinite loop during report generation

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By: David Lim - aberrant80

Infinite loop during report generation

2005-02-21 20:25

When generating the report (the run methods), certain conditions will cause the library code to loop or perform some action indefinitely... unless memory runs out. This is happening for me due to the fact that my reports are generated dynamically. The lack of feedback or prevention on the library's part is causing quite a lot of difficulty in debugging exactly which part of the JasperDesign is causing this.


I'm hoping that someone else on this forum also encounters these sort of problems and did manage to come up with a good solution.


Any help appreciated.





By: smeet - smeet

RE: Infinite loop during report generation

2005-02-22 02:06

I think the following happens :

at the time it generates the title band, JasperReports detects that the band won't fit in the page (because actualBandSize <= maxAuthorizedSize), and it starts a new page where it tries to print the title, and so on...

The key here is the "<=", i guess.

But i may be wrong, i still have to find the code section where it happens.







By: smeet - smeet

RE: Infinite loop during report generation

2005-02-22 01:52


I've encoutered the same problem this morning !! After I investigate, I discovered that when my title band size was close to the limit (802 in portrait if you don't change the margins and the columns ; 555 in landscape), the report generation never ended. But if you decrease this number, it may work (try 700 and 500).

The "print title on a new page" doesn't seem to enter in the equation...

Hope it helps.






By: mat - mat75

RE: Infinite loop during report generation

2005-04-27 03:38

Hi there.


Same problem using max size subreports (802) into a max size report. I?ve fixed it sizing the sub report a bit shorter. This 'subreport into a report' solution was used for having a 'pagebreak'.

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