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variable values always null in report group

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By: Frank Worsley - fworsley

variable values always null in report group

2005-04-25 10:12



I have a report with two groups and several variables.


In the Details band the variables have the correct values, but in the report groups they always evaluate to null.


How can I make the variables have the correct value in the groups?


The variables have reset type 'Report', but I tried with reset type 'Group' and it still didn't work.


All three of the variables have an expression similiar to this:


$P{GELSPOT_ID} != null ? $P{GELSPOT_ID} :

($F{sourceclassname} == null ? new Long(-1) :

($F{sourceclassname}.equals("GelSpot") ? $F{sourceid} : null))


I use subreports to recursively search up a hierarchy in the database. What I do with the variables is to check if I have previously found an item in the hierarchy. In that case the parameter is non-null and I keep its value. Otherwise I check if the item exists at the current level of the hierarchy and pull out its ID if it does. Otherwise I leave the value as null or as -1 if I've reached the top of the hierarchy.


Thanks for any help,


- Frank

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