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New version of JasperReportsViewer for jEdit


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By: John Wells - jbwiv

New version of JasperReportsViewer for jEdit

2004-12-09 18:53


Overview of JasperReportsViewer jEdit plug-in changes:



The newest version of JasperReportsViewer checked into cvs now works with

the newest version JasperReports: version 0.6.2 found at

http://sourceforge.net/projects/jasperreports/ . Note that JasperReports

version 0.6.2 has changed their package structure and supporting jar files.

Consequently the JasperReportsViewer project had to change imports

associated with JasperReports classes and change the JasperReports jar files

upgrading to the newer librarys found in the newest JasperReports release.


To install our newest release of JasperReportsViewer, place the following

jar files into the jEdit/lib folder:


JasperReportsViewer.jar - our newest library

jasperreports-0.6.2.jar - Note that the asperreports applet jar is no

longer needed

itext-1.01.jar - Used by JasperReports for report


poi-2.0-final-20040126.jar - Supports various MS document formats

xalan.jar - SAX XML Parser

xercesImpl.jar - XML SAX/DOM API


commons-beanutils-1.5.jar - Jakarta commons support library





This list of required jar files is also found in JasperReportsViewer.props





Details of the changes made in CVS.


1. I tagged the previous release of files so you can get that release using:

cvs co -r release-0_1_2b jasperjedit


This will pull your complete release 0.1.2b project, including jar



2. File changes:


- Optimized imports showing full class names

- Made the required package structure change for JasperReports imports

- Added more javadocs above the class and methods



- C:optcvsjasperjedit>cvs ci -m "Now extends EditPlugin not EBPlugin.

The newest jEdit un-registers EBPlugins without a handleMessage(...) method.

I committed this file Sun. afternoon while preparing these notes.



- plugin.JasperReportsViewerPlugin.jars changes required by

JasperReports 0.6.2


3. In the lib folder:

The old jars were removed and the newest jars for JasperReports 0.6.2 were

added as binary files.



By: John Wells - jbwiv

Project URL

2004-12-09 18:54


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