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Default width for "detail" ?

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By: Mihai Gheorghiu - tanethq

Default width for "detail" ?

2002-03-07 14:18

I try to set up a letter-size page to 1 inch margins: pageWidth="612" leftMargin="72" rightMargin="72"

Compilation yields "The columns and the margins do not fit the page width"

By narrowing the margins to 45 and 12 respectively, compilation is successful.

When viewing the .jasper with a left margin <45 and rightMargin="12", the display shows a vertical dashed blue line in the detail band, at where 555=612-45-12 points from left margin should be.

Now, my dear Watson :-)

A4 width = 595points

Default example has leftMargin=rightMargin=20points


Mere coincidence?

Please have a look at it.

Wishlist :-)

Wouldn't it be nice if the compiler spit out the line in the .xml file where the error occured?



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Default width for "detail" ?

2002-03-12 01:15




Yes, there is a default value for the column

width of 555 points, which correspond to a single

column report on an A4 page with 20 points

margins on left and right.

This is mentioned in the "Quick Reference".


If you plan to change the default page size,

you should also provide a value for the column

width and column space if there are more columns

on your report so they fit in the specified

page width.


If the report compilation fails due to a page or

column dimension mismatch, then you can be sure

that the error comes from the attributes

specified in the <jasperReport> element of your


The report compiler cannot tell you what value is

wrong, because it does not know what you want to do.


Good luck!





By: Mihai Gheorghiu - tanethq

RE: Default width for "detail" ?

2002-03-12 08:17

Thanks a lot!

I was incorrectly inferring that if for columnCount=1, columnHeader and columnFooter are not printed, then columnWidth is irrelevant as well :-(

The source line number issue was not directly related to the above, but to general issues like I typed 'x=0"' (missing "), the compiler threw something about a 'x|', and I had to go through the entire file searching for 'x=' (I had no better idea).

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