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How to create custom input control


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Yes, the attached zip file (attachment 1) includes instuctions for customizing input controls beyond making simple UI changes. The instructions cover how to write a custom JSP to customize the input controls shown in attachment 2, add a sample JRXML to the server, attach the custom JSP, and run the report.

The custom controls appear on two tabbed panels: By Shipping Location and By Shipping Date. Each tab has two multi-select list boxes, Country and Zip; Year and Month. Country and Zip are cascading input controls. The JSP also creates a search box above the Country list box to facilitate selection of the country name from a long list of countries. A clear button appears when the search box contains something.

Let us know if it helps or you need more information. Thanks for your interest.

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The following attachment shows an example that was implemented for 4.7. It has not been tested for 5.0 or higher. You can also look at the JRS Ultimate Guide in the Customizations chapter for a brief description on how to change the color of input controls.

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