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JPEG quality in RTF export


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When exporting a report with a logo (jpeg format) to PDF, the logo appears in an acceptable format.
However, when exporting to RTF, there is a very huge degradation in the quality of the image.

The logo is just composed of some symbols and text exported as a jpeg file.

Is there any way to increase the jpeg quality when exporting to RTF?
Post edited by: rgucci, at: 2006/08/15 11:10

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Attached is a zip file containing a sample jrxml and jpeg file.


Using iReport, set compare the output (using null datasource) for PDF, RTF and JExcelAPI. You can see that the jpeg is a lot more blurred in RTF and Excel. This can be very noticable with some company logos.

Post edited by: rgucci, at: 2006/08/14 07:11

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