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can j/r handle this ?

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By: flare - flareinc

can j/r handle this ?

2002-01-18 14:18

I'm looking for a pdf report tool and jasperreports seems a cool one.

I've a complex database, sometimes I used indexes to store strings, other times I've binary-encoded bunch of checkboxes(ex: x00x = 1001 = int 9), can I decode those values using j/r? I mean doing things like that:






If not I guess I should study and use Itext directly :((





By: Jim Snyder - jdsnyderii

RE: can j/r handle this ?

2002-01-18 14:22

You should be able to handle this using variable expressions. Effectively you can use java code in the expressions to compute values. If you create some library functions to be used in the variable expressions, you should be ok.



By: flare - flareinc

RE: can j/r handle this ?

2002-01-20 02:28

You mean I can create an helper class (with static methods) to compute values? I would be great!!

Can you supply a little example?

Is this kind of code valid?


<variable name = "finalString" class="java.lang.String"



uri.HelperClass.getRealString( $F{index1} )



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