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How do I desing a report for continuous label

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By: Alexander Wallace - aows

How do I desing a report for continuous label

2003-10-24 15:35

Please, i'm totally lost. I need to know, from the author of the package if noone else knows, how is one supposed to design a report for continuous mailing labels.


I bought the manual (the pdf) and could not found a clue about it there either.


I have designed a report setting the paper size to that of the mailing label, which is a 3 1/2 * 15/16 inches. The report looks good when viewe, but when printed, one label is printed in what seems to be an A4 high paper area, and not one after another (with 1 mm of separation between them).


I need to know if that is how the label should be designed or not, so I can determine where my problem is.


My system is linux, java 1.4.1, using CUPS for printing to a 24 pin dot matrix printer (an okidate ML 390).


I have also tryied setting the paper size to A4 and Letter, and although the names are printed after each other, I cant' make them print in a way that would aling correctly inside of the labels...


Please help me out by saying which is the correct way to do it.


As additional information, when the JPrint dialog shows, it always as the default paper size (letter in my case). And there are no options to select many paper sizes, much less a custom...


Thanks in advance.





By: Edgar Dollin - edollin

RE: How do I desing a report for continuous label

2003-10-25 10:51

Think of it a different way.


I have never seen truly continuous paper except on a paper machine with breaks every couple of thousand feet.


More likely the page size is 1 1/4".







By: Alexander Wallace - aows

RE: How do I desing a report for continuous label

2003-10-27 08:35

The page height should be around 1 inch since that's the height pulus a tiny gap between each label...


I've tried that... It only prints 1 label and then skeep like 15.....


So far the only way I've been able to print several labels together is by specifiying the paper size to Letter or A4. But that doesn't work since at the end of each A4 long set of labels the printer ejects the page and skips several labels.


Do I have to specify the paper size to the printer or specifiying the paper size in the report is enough? I would test it but the JPrint dialog that pops up when using jasper reports does not have a custom paper size...


Please advice...


Thanks again.

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