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Page Footing Issues when it overlays an image


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I'll try to make it simple on this issue which i am facing.

1. Master Report (has page footing on it). This master report call a subreport which in turn call 2 subreports.


Master                     1st Subreport               

Account A                 Jane Low                       Logo for Jane Low                     (page 1 but not printed) (Logo subreport)

                                                                           Address for Jane Low              (page 2) (Address subreport)

Account B                 Kim                                Logo for Kim                                (page 3 but not printed) (Logo subreport)

                                   Kim                                Address for Kim                          (page 4) (Address subreport)


2. The page footing is done at the master report in order to get the correct page number as shown above.

3. The Logo subreport for Jane Low and Kim practically covers the whole page. There should not be any page footing here

4. Compilation is not a problem for master and subreport but when i do a preview on the master report .. the report will run indefinitely and nothing pops up.

5. When i make the Logo image smaller in the subreport so that it does not overlays the bottom of the page (in order to leave a gap for the page footing from the master report) .. it seems ok.

I need to logo to cover the whole page. Is there a way to get around this?


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