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HTML reports only work in some browsers

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By: Mufasa - mufasa

HTML reports only work in some browsers

2005-01-05 10:16

I have a report that is working fine in Opera, but not in Mozilla and Internet Explorer. Other reports work here and there in all browsers, but not one particular report and I don't know why.


I am using the JRHtmlExporter class. In Opera, everything works great. However, in IE (latest) and Firefox, the report does not output. Everything else does, including the default header/footer (JRHtmlExporterParameter.HTML_HEADER, etc.) when I call the exportReport() method, but no report. The HTML of the actual report just is not sent to IE/Firefox but is to Opera. I've added output around (before and after) the call to exportReport() which outputs just fine too so there isn't a runtime error/exception I'm missing. The report gets compiled fresh each time so it isn't conflicts of code versions.


All I could see in the source of JRHtmlExporter was some for loop and if checks for pages being there, etc. But they are in Opera and the exact same URL is getting called in both browsers so how would it be different?

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