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Problems after Success ?!

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By: Eric Tan - neltan

Problems after Success ?!

2003-09-23 19:27

Hi all,

Thank you, teodord and gt78. I can now use PDF as reporting tools in webapps! This is the 1st webapp which apply jasperreports. And I'm glad that jasperreports work very well.


However, client generate many PDF and used up many many window resource (client-side in browser). The problem makes their window hang up easily.



1. around 500K/PDF

2. they can generate up to 8-10 PDF and hang up. 3. sometimes, even stranger things is that english text display as chinese before they hang up -> Of course those chinese are wrong text !


How to avoid this? PDF No-cache? Release resource?

I've ask before.. no one answer.

Please give me some hints.. at least.

Thank you very much.


Best Regards,

Eric Tan





By: Eric Tan - neltan

RE: Problems after Success ?!

2003-09-23 20:46

The problem is not cause by programming, but by technology. And I want to have your opinion over this.


PDF: Unfit for Human Consumption



In my case, the PDF crash browser & computer, it also break flow of operation.


Best Regards,

Eric Tan





By: Eric Tan - neltan

RE: Problems after Success ?!

2003-09-23 21:03

Can anyone of your suggest some reference of PDF programming ?





By: Arun Kumar PG - pgarunkumar

RE: Problems after Success ?!

2003-09-23 21:23

Hi Eric


Why don't you check out the iText API which in turn is used by JasperReports.


You can check out the examples listed there for PDF programming.


check out this link:




May be you can find something useful here.








By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: Problems after Success ?!

2003-09-24 05:56

Well, our reports are always streamed to PDF in a separate window (via JSP). We have had problems where, when loading multiple reports at once, the user closes one report before the others had opened fully. This kills the PDF process and therefore hangs the browser. This is based on experience with Reader 4.0 and 5.0. We have recently tested Acrobat Reader 6.0 and they have made good strides towards fixing this problem.


Besides upgrading to Reader 6.0, there is no satisfactory solution that we could find.

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