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Printing whole band on the same page


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Hi. I have a report that has a simple list in the detail band. The list are text fields and an Image. Sometimes the fields are printed on one page, but the image overflows to another page. Is there a way to force that a whole band should be printed on a single page?

While I am on images, I would like to ask one more thing - one of the settings is onErrorType=icon. I set this, and some of the images are null in the data source. However, there is no icon, the image field is simply empty. What am I doing wrong here?

Best regards.

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You should use splitType="Prevent" for your band containing the list and the image.

If you are using older JR, the setting would be isSplitAllowed="false" for the band.


Not sure about the null images, we need a test case. Might be that null images are not broken images for the engine.

So you might want to make a test for null and display the icon conditionally yourself.


Thank you,



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