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Summary band prints between detail and col footer


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I'm using iReport to make a small one-column report (about half a page) in which I want the column footer to print immediately below the last detail band. I have a group header, and the group footer size is set to 0. I set isFloatColumnFooter="true", but I found that the summary band is printing between the last detail band and the column footer, so to fix it I need to set the summary band height to 0. Is this a bug or a feature? It took quite a bit of trial and error to track down. The Ultimate Guide just says that in some cases (unspecified) the column footer can follow the summary. It does seem counter-intuitive!
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If there is enough space on the page for the summary to print, it will appear before the column footer.

This is how it was meant to work, not a bug.

The question is: Do you really use the summary section?

If not, then setting its height to zero solves the problem, right?


Thank you,


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Thanks for the quick response. I'm just learning JasperReports, but so far I like it a lot. I think my issue must be encountered by many new users. It has to do with the designed behavior of the bands and, if you are using iReport as I was, what iReport leads you to expect. One expects the following band order, corresponding with the way the default bands are laid out in iReport: ... detail, column footer, page footer, summary. If you just go with the iReport defaults, but don't put anything in the summary, you won't even realize that it is the summary band that is messing things up. But those are issues for iReport. As far as JasperReports goes, I really think the default band order should be the order given above. That is, the column footer always follows the last detail (or group footer) so that it can contain things like column totals, and provide a visual close for the column. Page footer and summary come later. Then the main configuration parameter is whether you want the summary above the page footer on the last page, or on a final page by itself. Just my two cents!! Anyway, thanks for a very good and useful product.

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