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printing in especific fields in reports


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By: Jorge Augusto Pizzato - pizzato

printing in especific fields in reports

2004-01-16 13:31

I have been using the jasperreports to generate several reports with subreports, but I found a situation that I didn't get to solve still and I have not been seeing allusion to her in the discusion forums.

I have many subreports that needs to be put in a specific field of the report.

I am not managing to do with that the line detail finishes the impression in a page and begin in the following page if certain position be reached (no number of registrations printed). And others

subreports has to stop printing when they arrive in certain position (I use an accountant to lines, but if the tag isStrecthWithOverflow in textField is true the accountant not solve this).

I tried to put the tag minHeightToStartNewPage inside in a group of the subreports, to alter the size of the page in the subreports etc, etc, etc & etc... and I have not been getting result.

The tag isStartNewPage and isStartNewColumn they request that groupExpression contains an expression to generate the event. If it went an accountant of lines, variable boolean etc without problem, I don't get to inform the position in that the subreport should stop printing.

Does anybody have an idea of how to do this?

Thanks for reply.

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