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Iterating through collections? Must get help!


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By: Matthew Adair - madair

Iterating through collections? Must get help!

2004-01-16 12:22

I am using a collection of CustomBeans to generate my report. My problem is my bean has a Collection in it along with simple types (int, String, etc..). Now this collection is of user defined objects. So, how do I define in the xml that for a column it needs to loop throgh this collection for each row?


For instance, I have a device described in my bean. That device can have many memory slots. These slots are represented by objects in a collection contained w/in the device object. So its easy for me to define how to show deviceName, deviceId columns, but how do I show a column in which there are multiple items? So for a single row I may have the following report...


DeviceName DeviceId Memory


myHostName 115029 Flash0,




Thanks in advance. This is VERY important to me!!!

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