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Subreport auto resizing ?


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Hello wonderful forum,


I have a report that contains nothing but 2 subreports in the noDate section.

The first subreport can grow, something a situation occurs where the first subreport overlaps the second subreport - I which case the first suport is not displayed at all.

I would like the second subreport to be positioned relativly to the end point of the first sub report - Can I configure this with Jasper ?

I would also like the noData section and the whole report height will be dynamic (not fixed) - This to allow both subreports to grow, even beyond the sizes defined on the report.



I'm working with Jasper 2.0.3 and iReport.

Thank you very much for the help,

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Be aware of the positiontype of the second SubReport Element... this should be "Float" and not "FixRelativeToTop".

As I don't use with the "NoDataSection" but assume that is behaves like other bands, i think it will grow dynamically - if the report size isn't enough a pagebreak will occur and the rest of the subReport should be at next page.




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