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NoClassDefFound in setting Java Bean datasource


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Hi, I've got this problem. I want to use my java classes to set up a java bean connection for my report.

I followed all the instructions (made the jar and put in the lib folder, set the classpath accordingly) but when i try to test the connection it gives me a NoClassDefFoundError referred to another class, not the class that actually contains the static method that returns the collection of beans, but a class whos name is present in the signature of the method generateBeanCollection.

The static method cannot take other istances of classes as parameters??

I tried to set the classpath for that class too, but it always get me the same error...

Any ideas?

public static java.util.Collection generateCollection(String sql,MySQLManager db)
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I'm Sorry, I found out that I already put the same question in the Ireport forum yesterday, I thought it was not publishes cos of connection issues. It was.

So sorry again for this crossposting, maybe you'll want to close the thread..



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