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JRException: Error closing ResultSet

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By: Jeffrey S. Hair - jshair

JRException: Error closing ResultSet

2003-10-25 13:18

I'm using mySQL (3.23.51) as my database. The datasource/connection is defined in struts-config and retrieved from there. My Action class calls the following:


JasperFillManager.fillReport(jasperReport, parameters, conn);


where jasperReport is the compiled report, parameters an ArrayList containing one item, and conn is the java.sql.Connection. When this call is executed, I get a nested stacktrace that initially states org.gjt.mm.mysql.jdbc2.NotImplemented as being the error. Also in the stack trace is the following


dori.jasper.engine.JRException: Error closing ResultSet or Statement for report data source


When I execute the SQL and pass the returned resultset via a JRResultSetDataSource object, the report works just fine. I would really like to just use the connection and specify the queryString in the xml file vs having to create the JRResultSetDataSource object in my code.


I've noticed that others are using mySQL as their DB. Is this a mySQL version problem (mySQL - 3.23.51/ driver 2.0.4)? Is there some way to debug what's going on/where the problem is located? Is there another way that I'm able to keep the queryString in the xml file?




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