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How to change Field Color dynamically?


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 Hi all,


i want to change color of field dynamically? is it possible through jrxml?

For example,

if field is G, it should be Green color, if R, it should be Red color


your swift reply shall be highly appreciated. Thanks in  Advance


- Gnaniyr Zubair



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Thanks. i have got solution from one forum. her is code: ($F{currentStatus}.equals("Submitted"}) ? " " : $F{currentStatus} )


if i use like this,


($F{currentStatus}.equals("Submitted"}) ? "<style forecolor='red'>"+ $F{currentStatus}+"</style>: " : $F{currentStatus} )


i got the output:  <style forecolor='red'> instead of changing text color.


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You could set up different Styles


you could use two different fields with different font colors. Then put the a filter in the "Print When Expression" :

new Boolean($F{currentStatus}.equalsIgnoreCase("Submitted") == true)



Hi Magnus,


Thanks for your reply. yaeh i got the point.

But i dont know how to use Print When Expression as i dont get proper documentation. can u pls guide on this?

Also i used the HTML Markup for that particular field. but it is not working. 

Thanks in advance


- Gnaniyar Zubair

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Hi Guys, I am also looking for this solution. I don't see anything when I click the drop down "Style". I am using version 1.2.x of iReport.

I am also trying two text boxes with two different colors logic but not sure why my expression is not evaluating correctly.  I have two dates, I want to show textbox1 with blue color only when the start_date<>EndDate. If both dates are equal, then I want to show textbox2 with black color. The problem is my expression is returning only one textbox1 in all cases. I wish I could change the font color dynamically with some other logic.


Here is what I have.

//TextBox1 - text color is Blue


//TextBox2 - text color is Black



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Both are defined as date. But I was able to figure out after little searching. The following expressions are working fine:

Box1:(blue color)

//for equal to



Box2: (black color)

//for not equal to




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hello all,

i don't oppened new topic bcz i have similar problem but i want to make border

i did this $F{NAME}=="Submitted1"?$F{NAME}:"<style backcolor='red'>"+$F{NAME}+"</style>"

but if i want border around text style isn't recognize border in this style

anyone can help me?

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