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HTML Output - pixel.GIF

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By: Matthew Clark - clarkm5

HTML Output - pixel.GIF

2003-10-24 01:34

I am confused about the HTML Exporter. Why are we so concerned about this 1 pixel spacer? Is there a good reason we can't just configure a URL to pick it up from? (i.e. http://my.server/1pix.gif) rather than pointing to the "px" servlet/jsp


I realise that the fact the byte[] data is stored in the session means that there is limited file system access but if it were a normal .gif, it would be cached anyway!!?


It's no big deal, I just wondered if there were compelling reasons to implement it in this way.. I have implemented my own HTML exporter which works slightly differently.







By: Matthew Clark - clarkm5

RE: HTML Output - pixel.GIF

2003-10-24 01:47

By the way.. I realise that the purpose is to mimick the inline images that one might get with PDFs etc and all other images will be retrieved this way but.. this is HTML and those spacer GIFs are all over the place...

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