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setPrintWhenGroupChanges on text in page ftr

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By: Jeff Kerr - jkerr

setPrintWhenGroupChanges on text in page ftr

2003-09-18 09:43

I have a simple test report (in java) with 3 pages or so of data, with a master (ID) and detail. I added a JRDesignGroup with an expression of "$F{ID}" and setStartNewPage to true. It properly does a page break whenever the ID changes. I added a page footer band with a staticText string, which properly shows up on every page.


What I want to do is only show the footer when it's the last page of a group - so if ID 1 is on three pages, page 3 shows the footer, then if ID 2 is one page, that one page shows the footer, etc.


I'd use a group footer, but in this case the space for the page footer must still show up, empty, for pages that don't have the footer (this is because it's being printed to a special form and the footer is being used to allow for the footer area at the bottom of the form).


I tried using setPrintWhenGroupChanges on the static text in the footer band, but it still prints on every page...


Any help? Thanks!






By: Jeff Kerr - jkerr

RE: setPrintWhenGroupChanges on text in page ftr

2003-09-18 12:49

A little bit of progress made...


To further define my question, I need an expression (or a way to do it in a scriptlet, since I have one of those working now) to tell when my group will change...


What I kind of need is a way to tell that the group is changing. In my example, the first page would say "No, not changing", second "no, not changing", third "Yes, fourth "Yes".


If I can get this kind of boolean expression, I think I can do what I need to. I was trying a variable and setting it's reset group to the one I have defined on ID, but that didn't seem to work (might have just set it up wrong though, I don't know).


Any help? Thanks again!






By: Jeff Kerr - jkerr

RE: setPrintWhenGroupChanges on text in page ftr

2003-09-25 03:42


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