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Multi-user/Multi-thread issues?

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By: Glenn Owen - grubincan

Multi-user/Multi-thread issues?

2003-05-26 08:00

In a servlet environment, we want to avoid writing any temporary files on the server during the execution of a report.


While fillReport and exportReportToPdfStream allow you to pass their data (JasperReport and JasperPrint objects) as streams, unfortunately, the compile step requires the use of a temporary file.


What solutions have people tried to avoid file writing conflicts when multiple users attempt to compile the same report at the same time?


- generating user-unique report names?


- alternatives to the sun.tools.javac which don't require temporary files?


- any other suggestions?


Note that we need to dynamically compile our reports at run-time so we can't just stick a bunch of *.jasper files on the server to avoid the compile step.









By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Multi-user/Multi-thread issues?

2003-05-26 08:13




The next version of JasperReports will introduce

a special report compiler that will use BeanShell

for expression evaluation.


This way, the bytecode compilation could be avoided

if desired.


Initial tests show that the report filling process is slower

when using BeanShell, but in cases where the creation

of temporary files poses a problem, it is a good solution.


The next version will be released in one or two weeks.


Thank you,


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