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Export to Text Format

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By: Gordon Augat - gaugat

Export to Text Format

2003-05-15 09:57

Is there a way to export to a text format that is not comma delimited? I want to generate something like this...


ACCT 123456

DATE 26/10/1993

POST 2232

CON# 59600131

ART# 97600127

ART# 97600128


DATE 26/10/1993

POST 3095

CON# 59600132

ART# 97600129


DATE 26/10/1993

POST 2113

CON# 59600133

ART# 97600130

ART# 97600131

ART# 97600132







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Export to Text Format

2003-05-17 03:55




A simple text exporter is a pending issue.

I haven't found yet a proper solution for this.


But maybe using a blank space as the field

separator in the CSV exporter will suit your needs.

This is not yet possible in the main version, but

there is a patch here, supplied by Mirko Wawrowsky:




Thank you,


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