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Rtf report Size


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Hi ,

I am using  JrRtfExporter  class to  created a  rtf report  from jasperPrint instance.same i  am using for the pdf also. Using Jasper reports  3Mb of pdf report is giving me around 100Mb in rtf format. Is this a RTF format problem.What kind of measures i could take to reduce the size of report in rtf format.

Thanks in advance.


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i have a similar problem with the HTML export. the output size is to large compared with a simple handcrafted html file that renders the same.

I'm getting 20M output file for a report that contains a crosstab whith 1200 rows and 30 cols

I think te exporter overuse <table>  an style elements for formating.

Is there a way to reduce the output size?

BTW i think JR is a great tool, congratulations



jasper version:3.0.0

iReport version: 2.0.3

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Using nested tables for HTML crosstab reports can be inhibited by setting the FRAMES_AS_NESTED_TABLES export parameter (or the corresponding property net.sf.jasperreports.export.html.frames.as.nested.tables) to true.  This would usually result in smaller HTML exports for crosstab reports.

For RTF, there is no option that would result in smaller export files.  One thing that one could do is to compress (e.g. zip) the RTF file when storing it; of course, the file would still need to be uncompressed when it needs to be opened by a RTF viewer.



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