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print jrprint with jdk1.3 to network printer

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By: Fan TC - fan-tc

print jrprint with jdk1.3 to network printer

2003-09-10 05:46

Hi folks!


Basically I like to print a PDF from Java to a network printer or spooler known only by ip/port. I'm forced to use JDK1.3, so the new javax.print is not applicable. I realised that direct PDF printing is not possible yet (even with JDK1.4.2). Postscript or PCL in contrast ist possible. Thus I tried unsuccessfully to get a printable stream or byte array out of one of these JasperPrintManager methods: printReport(), printPage() or printPages() to send the stream directly to a spooler (via Berkeley lpr).

I don't want to use an external solution to convert pdf to ps. Is there any open source Java pdf2ps lib available? Does anyone know a way to realise network printing?


I would be pleased with any answers.






By: T.Gopalakrishnan - tgopal

Hide field

2003-09-04 04:51

How to hide an field in iReport conditionally.





By: Jeremie Weldin - jweldin

RE: Hide field

2003-09-04 11:13

use the Print When in the properties of the object.





By: T.Gopalakrishnan - tgopal

RE: Hide field

2003-09-10 05:43

Can any one provide a sample snippet for this

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