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Error when using with weblogic


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I already posted a topic using different user id.i am getting an error while accessing jasper server from weblogic using webservice WSClient.i am in a urgency to finish my development within a short period.


i gone through some samples that was provided in the jasper website using an http interface to access the jasper server but i dont find an documentations on how to use that.

And also is there any sample code on how to access the jasper server using jasperserver api.i found some samples on these two but i am facing some configuration error.i have engine.xml and viewservices.xml from samples but there is nowhere the url of the jasper server mentioned.

So is there any other sample code on how to use this to access the jasper server.That would be very helpful for me to finish my development.


please help me out.


Thanks in advance,


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There is a sample JSP application in the source download that shows how to use the web services API to browse the repository and run reports.


WSClient is based on Axis 1. This may conflict with WebLogic's web services stack. In this case, you will need to look at the JasperServer web services document to see what to do in WebLogic's technology.





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