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4 level nested subreport

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By: Jemmee Yung - jemmee

4 level nested subreport

2003-08-13 14:01

May i know if there are samples for nested subreport? Our model is




and we're expecting to have the report organized like




Santa Clara

San Jose

Santa Clara










we've tried following subreport sample, followed instructions of the group by using something like




<subreportExpression class="dori.jasper.engine.JasperReport"><![CDATA[$P{ReportState}]]></subreportExpression>


for Country's report


as Country->State is a 1-M, when country iterate over from US to PRC, the DataState is still those of {CA, MA} as such parameter has to be passed to the report object before fill report is invoked instaed of during the course of filling.


Can anyone help? or suggest workaround?





By: Sohan Kasula - skasula

RE: 4 level nested subreport

2003-08-20 09:19

Alternative approach to nested reports is using groups. There is a sample report for groups. It might help.





By: Jemmee Yung - jemmee

RE: 4 level nested subreport

2003-08-21 13:13

finally got the answer from the archive




thank you so much

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