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Dynamic data as parameters

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By: Ashish - ashisharte

Dynamic data as parameters

2003-07-23 09:47



I am trying to pass rows generated by a Java program as parameters to the report. For instance, one of my reports generates has three columns, client order, date and amount ( similar to one of the sample reports ) and at runtime I populate these columns with numerous rows depending upon certain constraits. The Java program currently generates these rows, so I was wondering if I can directly passes these rows to the report.


I understand that in one of the examples the parameters are stored in a Map. The reason why I am not embedding a sql directly within the report is, I am migrating from an old framework to Jasper and it would be easier if I just pass the data than to re-write all sqls again.


Thank you all in advance.







By: Ryan Johnson - delscovich

RE: Dynamic data as parameters

2003-07-23 18:36

If you don't want to use JRResultSetDataSource (which is the default when you embed sql in the template), just define your own. In my reporting work, I always use a custom datasource that reads from an ArrayList containing the rows stored as Object[].



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