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pdfFontName and fontName


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Hello :)


problem with pdfFontName and fontName:

Right now pdfFontName is Helvetica and fontName is SansSerif.

SansSerif is available in the JVM of linux server - I checked this.

But anyway there is problem with stretching of fields - if application is running in linux webserver.

In windows - everything is ok.

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I am experiencing similar problem.

But my problem is with text field of a series of number that seperated by hyphen(-). One such example is id field in SugarCRM example database. In windows, they are explayed properly. However, in linux the fields cannot show the how string.


I have attached a simple .jrxml file that I defined to test this. [file name=report-f058dc5a4e4c8b6be58d319c65b51406.jrxml size=2504]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/report-f058dc5a4e4c8b6be58d319c65b51406.jrxml[/file]

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ps: I did not export it to pdf. It has problem even when shown by a JasperServer on linux.


I tried to check the "Stretch overflow" in the "TextFiled" tag. It shows the string now, but it also adds a blank line under the string. I do not want the blank line because I need to show the borders of that textfield. With that blank line, the lower border goes to undesired position.


Can someone please help me with this?

Thank you in advance

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