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Subreport with only one row printed


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Hi all,


I'm using jasper reports and iReport 2.0.2. I have a "master" report with a subreport and i'm using a javabean datasource for filling them. When i try to execute the generation of the pdf i obtain only one row in the detail section (represented by the subreport). I'm feeling i've got something simple missing but i don't know what.


I've selected "print repeated values" checkbox in subreport element and textfield elements in the subreport itself.


The row printed is the "last" of the collection of elements passed to the report.


In the subreport i defined "$P{REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP}" on "Parameters map expression" and $P{REPORT_DATA_SOURCE} on connection data source because i want to use the same datasource in master and detail report.


I attach the jrxml of either the file, the master is "ordini.jrxml", the detail is in "ordini_dettaglio.jrxml".


Thanks to all [file name=reports-3526222b9a3d299841eddd382e21bbc9.zip size=2977]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/reports-3526222b9a3d299841eddd382e21bbc9.zip[/file]

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No, you don't want your subreport to use the same data source as the master report. Read this FAQ here:



Also, passing the REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP instance to the subreport is discouraged, as the subreport will alter it, with unexpected consequences. When passing this map to the subreport, make sure you wrap it in a new Map instance, like this:




I hope this helps.


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