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General design approach question


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For many reasons that I won't go into here but mostly due to the structure of the data that I'm trying to report on, I've continue to run into the following design issue and I'm hoping for some advice on the best way to attack the problem.


For many of my reports, in order to get to the output that is necessary I have to retrieve and process all of the records form a query before producing any output. The output is not simple summary calculations but often involves using a Scriptlet to further analyze the returned query results and categorize them before using them in the report. I don't have the option of using beans or other data source approaches in order to return the records "pre cooked" and so (I think) the scriptlet is what I have to work with.


My challenge is to figure out where to put the categorized/cooked results so that

1) the report will be able to expand within an output field properly and

2) the report will be able to span pages.


What I've found is that if I put any of this in a summary band or report footer (which would seem to make the most sence here) the report either goes into an infinant loop or the individual report fields (retrieved from the scriptlet) do not expand vertically even with all the proper options selected.


Any input and advice here would be appreciated.



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