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Live Dashboard using Jasper Product.


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HI first of all i want to say thanks to the Jasper Team who provide us this marvelous products (Jasper Reports & BI) for Business Intelligence.. i found this product extremely more attractive and powerful for BI Analysis and reporting as well as establishment of Data ware house using jasper ETL. here i m giving option to my all viewers to explore that product on our live production data. URL is http://webapps.masoodtextile.com:8182/Warehouse/


thanks for ur comments in this regards.

Muhammad Nasir

DM Business Analyst.

Masood textile Mills ltd Faisalabad, Pakistan.



ur feed back would be highly appreciated to make me more professional. thanks.

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First of all, this looks very good. And im sure people find what you created very useful.

Second - I would like to build something similar to what you created. Could you please explain/describe how you build this?

Or could you post your index.jsp?



Shalom Dinur

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Hi, I am having some problem with using hyper links.


I am having a main report and a sub report.

1. Name of main report: hyper1.jasper

2. location: /home/biadmin/jasperserver-pro-2.1/samples/reports/NEW SUBREPORT/Hyperlinks/hyper1.jasper

3. Name of child report: source1.0.jasper

4. Location : /home/biadmin/jasperserver-pro-2.1/samples/reports/NEW SUBREPORT/Hyperlinks/source1.0.jasper


I had created a parameter "param1" in both the reports. Now I went to properties of one of the field in main report and clicked hyper link and entered the following info:


1. Anchor Name Exp : "source1.0.jasper"

2. Bookmark Level : "2"

3. Target : "Blank"

4. Type : "Remote Page"

5. Reference : "/home/biadmin/jasperserver-pro-2.1/samples/reports/NEW SUBREPORT/Hyperlinks/source1.0.jasper"

6. Page : ----

7. Link Parameter : param1

8. Expression : ""


when i run the report, it is running but when the click the field for which i used hyper link, nothing is happening. DO i need to use any thing else.


Can some one help me.


Also I entered the page : "/home/biadmin/jasperserver-pro-2.1/samples/reports/NEW SUBREPORT/Hyperlinks/source1.0.jasper"

This time i got an error saying "cannot cast from string to integer".






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use for similar type of your use parameter in both report with field type "param1". which i guess from ur query. use Integer.toString() or java.lang.Integer for casting the parameter. check both.......best regards...
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