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include files for header and footer


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We have about 20 reports to roll-out. Would like the reports consistent with fonts through out. Is there a common include file that could be used for this purpose, so we can change this information in one place?


thanks so much for your time!

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There's no include file option, but you can create your own with a standard subreport or two. All your common header and footer attributes can be set in just a few files, and any information that changes from report to report can be passed in as parameters.



It takes a little bit of work to configure the first report, but after that life is simple. Any changes to a subreport ripple through to all reports once the new jasper file is deployed.



Alternatively you could define a report template with various styles predefined. Then it's just a matter of copying the report template and modifying the report query and a just a few report elements.

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Planning to use the report template method.


If we create the template, use it in a report. then we make some changes to template, would it be refreshed in the report automatically? Like maybe add some additional static information?



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No. Not at all. Each of the reports built from the template are merely snapshots of the template.



If the template changes then the changes will only be applied to new reports created using the template.



That is why the subreport method can be better in some respects.

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