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Drop Down select in ireports/jasperserver


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I would like a drop down select box be used, but unsure what examples I can find in jasperreports-project.


Basically i want to have all countries in a drop down; countries chosen from my database.


I assume this can also apply to checkboxes too,

like a bunch of checkboxes in ireports to choose multiple countries; (again countries chosen from same database table).


Once user submits the parameter data then u can use those values in report query... WHERE $X{IN, 'countries', javaVectorParameter }


Kinda shaky on trying to get this to work.

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Hi - were you able to find a way for this?


If you have JasperServer version, then it appears you can use the input control with a single-select-query to set this.


I am using iReports, do you think there is a way for this?



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I ended up just saying to myself i could all the param stuff I want easily in php.

and send params of html form to java which will output the report.


If this is alright, i can send you general code to do this later.

It basically is a very ghetto version of JasperServer but serves my needs if you know how to make javascript validation rules, php validation rules, and make things like date popups and dynamic select drop downs.

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