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Select statement with Parameters $P


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I am trying to re-use a value held in my report - which has been calculated in a sub-report. Its a percentage total that I want to use to draw the pie chart. Is something like this possible:


select 'Top 10', $P{Usage_Percentage}

from dual


select 'Rest', 100-$P{Usage_Percentage}

from dual


(I dont want to re-execute queries for the pie chart)


Ireports does not seem to like having Parameters in the select statement. Can anyone please advise, would be very appreciated.


Thank You,


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:) Hey ... that worked - shows a sql error when you define but compiles fine. THANK YOU!


But now I dont seem to be able to pass a variable as a parameter to the chart. Any ideas please?


I have read lots of stuff on the forum about a variable not being the same as a parameter, but I cant find anything about either assigning the variable to the parameter or passing a variable in some way.


If you have any idea ... please let me know.



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