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group no reset


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<variable name="SUM_TBLRECEITA_VALOR_1" class="java.lang.Double" resetType="Report" calculation="Sum">




Hi! to all. In my report a variable Calculation Type:-Sum. In report I get 2 lines:

line 1 = 750

line 2 = 1170


but in my database I have:

goup1 = 750

group2 = 420


I try put resetType="Group" but I recei a error message:

unknow reset group for variable..


Can you help me, please?


An embrace,


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I use iReport to create my Report files.

Create group


In group expression of group keep the field name( the One which holds the values of 750 and 420)

then try again.

If that doesn't helps, then show/give me a sample of your database and the desire output then I might be able to give some clear solution.


The error you got was because you have not difine any group.

Try using iReport, you will be able to create faster and easily.

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Hi nitin403.

My problem is in problem.jpg.

Please, try help me.








ID-----------------------1------- 2---------3





MOUSE ------ 87,00

PENCIL------ 55,00

BOOK-------- 20,00


I hoop you understand.


An embrace,


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Are you using iReport?


From what I see , this is not possible without using a group, also I don't know how are you using two table.


First sort the datasource by "PRODUCT".

Create a group called Product_Name.

In group Footer keep the PRODUCT_NAME and a variable total describe previously keep its reset type to group and Reset group to PRODUCT.

Hope that will help.

Just for information, what type of datasource are you using.

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Hi! csilva2001

Create another variable.




The variable Expression keep "PRICE".


Check the datatype of "$F{PRICE}" if it is string, then keep "new BigDecimal($F{PRICE})" //Assuming field name of PRICE as PRICE


Keep calculation type as "sum"


Reset Type as Report.


And Increment Type as "none"


I hope this will help.


P.S. I don't know derby DB.

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