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Need Help!!Reducing CPU Utilisation jasper reports


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Hi Teodor,

We use JASPER for our reports in one of our products and while generating the reports the CPU Utilsation on the SOLARIS server seems to touch 100% consistently and remain at 100% during the generation of the reports.

Pls note ,i have monitored the CPU utilsation using the PRSTAT command, also through the logging statements that we have put in the Code, what we could find out was during the invocation of the method JasperFillManager.fillReportToFile the Utilsation seems to shoot up drastically.I have checked the forum contents and and ensured that StretchWithOVerFlow is set to false.However, i do not see any improvement at all in CPU utilisation.

Surprisingly it does not also seem to depend on the number of records/no of columns shown in the report as well as one of the report was with 80 odd records and the CPU Utilsation has shot up.





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I don't think this is specific to JasperReports.

Let's say you make an utility method that has a "for" statement iterating from 1 to 1 million.

If you call this method in your program, it will probably use the CPU at 100%, trying to count from 1 to 1 million as fast as it can.


If you don't like your method call to use the CPU at 100%, then you probably need to call it on a separate thread to which you give a lower priority.

Another option would be that during the "for" loop, from time to time you call Thread.yield(), which causes the currently executing thread to temporarily pause and allow other threads to execute.


I would first try to call the report filling process on a separate thread with lower priority. And if this is not satisfactory, then you could associate a custom -made scriptlet with your report so that Thread.yield() gets called with every page or so, during the report filling.


I hope this helps.


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