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JasperServer 2.0.1 Released


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The JasperSoft team is pleased to announce the release of JasperServer 2.0.1, which brings new and improved functionality in these areas:

* Enhanced support for adding custom data sources
* Added custom data source example files (samples/customDataSource)
* Extensible Web Services module
* Support for passing the locale when running a report through Web Services
* Better, more data-centric and configurable Excel output
* JPivot dependency built as a separate project
* JasperReports upgraded to Mondrian 2.3.2
* Ant support for running the import/export tool
* Installer support for Win2K

The iReport plugin was also updated to support the latest JasperServer functionality.


The JasperSoft Team
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Top Posters In This Topic

Is it possible to upgrade a 2.0.0 version to 2.0.1 - without some kind of service contract? I've read through the 2.0.1 installation documentation, especially Appendix B, but do not know how to get ahold of the .war and mysql sql upgrade scripts that are referred to.


(Actually, I think I've found the .war file, but if the mysql database has changed, I would need to know how to get those changes.)

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Hello. I've installed jasperserver-2.0.1 on a stand alone Tomcat 6.0.14 server; have successfully logged in; created data sources; created and run reports; even connected to our production Oracle database and ran an iReport generated .jrxml against it via jasperserver. My biggest problem now is getting the jasperserver plugin configured in iReport 2.0.1. As it stands now the plugin hangs when I click it, and remains hung until iReport is shut down.


By your message, it looks like I may be missing something essential in the config for the plug-in. Can you help with that?


It may or may not be related, but I also don't understand what you mean when you say there is now an "Extensible Web Services" module. I don't have a very clear understanding of what web services are in the first place, and don't know how to tell whether mine are functional and working within the context of my JS install. Can you give me some insight on that, or some way to test whether mine is working?



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