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to all the expert can u help me about date average


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hi!! my problem is, i want to get the average transaction = TOTAl / no of days from Starting Date to End Date


variable name<name>

variable class type<java.lang.long>

reset type<none>

calculation type<average>

increment type<none>


variable expression


new Long(($F{total}.longValue() / new Long(($P{toDt}.getTime() - $P{fromDt}.getTime())/1000/60/60/24).longValue()))


thanks in advance



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You probably don't want to set the variable's Calculation Type to "average". Set it to "Nothing" instead, otherwise all your caluclations will be averaged over "the number of records processed so far".



And I reckon that the result should be a Double:



new java.lang.Double( $F{total}.doubleValue() / ( ( $P{toDt}.getTime()-$P{fromDt}.getTime() ) /864000000 ) )



Use the Text Field's format string to truncate the fractional part to the number of digits you want to display.

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