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one cell per column in excel


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If you attach the screen capture of your problem, then it would be helpful.


Jasper will never make these kind of problems. You might have placed any other fields under the column you did specify in this post, which does not have same positioning as the above said columns left and width.


For ex. you have field "Product name" as a column with header and detail, say left=100, width=200. In the footer of the page you have some copyright message in a field, its left=50 and width=300, then your product namme column will be spanned to show in three cells.


Let me know if you didn't understand.

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There could be two reasons

1. Improper lay out of the report (if you have items horizontally aligned, all the items should have the 'left' property set correctly)

Example :

Say, You have Items A, B, C, D.

Width of these items are 20, 30, 40, 50.

Then the 'left' property should be 0, 20, 50, 90 respectively (one item starts after another item)


This is a simple case. You should check all your components all properties.

2. If you are using a cross tab, all of your your column group header's position shoud be set to have 'Streched'.



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