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getting error while doing formulas if ...... else


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Hai All,


I am facing the problem while doing the formulas.


i want to execute the if ... else statement using formulas.


I am using oracle.


Here i have the database column with data type BigDecimal


column name : ACT_DURATION

Datatype : BigDecimal


In iReport i created one variable named as planedDuration with variable class type is BigDecimal


Then in Report i created one text field.


In that i want to validate the expression using formulas.


means if planedDuration is < 1 then it wants to display the "<1 day" or planedDuration is > 1day it wants to display the no of days.


( new BigDecimal(($V{planedDuration}.intValue()) /(24)) < 1 ? "<1 DAY" : new BigDecimal(($V{planedDuration}.intValue()) /(24))+" DAYS" )


here i am getting error.


The operator < is undifined for the argument type(s) BegDecimal,int



please any one help me,


it's very urjant,




Thanks in advance,


Surendra Babu.k.

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am sorry, you are printing a String right? depending on the condition. So you just need to put this as the expression, and set the type to String:
new String($V{planedDuration}.intValue()/24<1?"1 DAY":$V{planedDuration}.intValue()/24+" Days"«»)
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