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Begginer: How to add multiple pages to a report


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I'm a beginner as well; however, I may be able to help.


Are you trying to generate multiple pages that contain different content, or is this a running report in which the second-end pages are printing rows of data from the initial query?


As I understand the system, if you want multiple pages each containing different content, you will want to create a report formatted for each unique page and then combine them by creating a master report that includes each unique subreport.


I have not yet had to perform a running report as my specific project is for unique pages combined into a multi-page report.


Once you've generated and validated the individual reports, you can create a new blank report. I set the height of all bands except Detail to 0. Then select Edit/select element/subreport or use the subreport icon to create your subreports referencing each of the individual reports as one sub.


I hope this helps.

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Be sure that your master report contains a report query that covers that used by your two subreports. In my case, I can use the same query for all three, but I realize that your second page may generate from a different query than your first. In that case, you may need to have consolidate the two subreport queries in the master
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