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How to remove blank lines from the detail.

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By: Anto paul - antopaul

How to remove blank lines from the detail.

2003-05-15 11:35


My report usually prints one or two lines on an A2 size paper. So it will have lot of blank space at the bottom of the page. I want to remove this blank space and place the page footer immediately after the details section. How can I do this. I have put isBlankWhenNull="true" and isRemoveLineWhenBlank="true" in all textField in the details band. The report also contains a page header. Any one please help me.

Anto Paul





By: mike w - mwans

RE: How to remove blank lines from the detail.

2003-05-15 15:32

Have you tried using the Summary tag? Instead of putting text or lines or whatever in the footer, try putting it in the Summary.


I hope this helps.







By: Anto paul - antopaul

RE: How to remove blank lines from the detail.

2003-05-15 16:58

Thanks for the reply.

I cant use the summary because there may be situations where report is displayed in two pages and I have to put the page footer in each page.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: How to remove blank lines from the detail

2003-05-17 04:39




There is no way to print the page or the column footer

higher on the current page.

These sections are of fixed size and print in the same

place on all pages.


However, I think you can do trick:

Make the summary section look like the page footer,

as Mike suggested.

Then you only need to suppress displaying the real

page footer on the last page.

And you can achieve this by using the <printWhenExpression> of the <pageFooter> band that

will test for a special variable the you set using an

invisible element on the summary section.

That report variable will only indicate that the summary

has already printed and that the actual page footer

is no longer needed in this last page.


Here's a similar trick that explains how you could

create the variable that tells you if the summary has

already printed:




I hope this helps.


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