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Dynamic resize of subreports

swetha reddy

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I have 4 subreports in my main report.

Each subreport contains records that may vary in number.

I have placed these 4 subreports one below the other.

How can i dynamically resize my subreports so that the other subreports should not get overlapped and the subreports should come below one another


Please help me out with this.



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Instead of having 4 subreport inside your main report, create 2 subreports, inside of a group header of those subreports, place 1 subreport each. So that your structure is like this:


Main Report


-sub3(should be in a group header)


-sub4(should be in a group header)


Make sure that your band stretchType="Relative to band height" SplitAllowed="false"(not checked)


Hope this helps...

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