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Dose jasperreport support "mysql" and oracle?

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By: hitdemo - hitdemo

Dose jasperreport support "mysql" and oracle?

2003-05-07 18:42

as datasource? i don't know hsqldb,can anyone give me some mysql's examples,thanks





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Dose jasperreport support "mysql" and oracle?

2003-05-11 04:37




It is true that the supplied samples use a HSQL

database that is shipped with the distributed package.

But we chose HSQL just for the ease of use.


JasperReporst is completely independent of the database.

It works with any relational database as long as

there is a JDBC 2.0 driver available for it.


There are no "special" samples that work with

Oracle or others that work only with MySql.


Even the supplied samples that use the HSQL

database will perfectly work with Oracle or MySql.

Is just that you have to have the required tables inside.


This is why I suggest you to take a look at those

samples and start create your own reports that

would use data from the database that you have

on your platform (Oracle, MySql or other).


However, it should not be too difficult for you to

launch the HSQL server shipped with the package,

in order to test the samples. You only need to have

ANT installed on your system.

Details are given in the "how.to.txt" files that you

can find in the distribution tree.


I hope this helps.







By: hitdemo - hitdemo

RE: Dose jasperreport support "mysql" and oracle?

2003-05-11 18:40

it 's helpful



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