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IReport 1.3.3 dynamically resizing subreport?


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Is it possible to dynamically resize a subreport in IReport 1.3.3? Depending on the data used a subreport could have 2 lines or x lines. This is really driving me mad as I'm sure there is some setting that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for any pointers!!!!

Josephine :)

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Make sure that your bands inside your subreport have the option 'Spilt allowed' checked. Also make the bands as small as possible to allow the data to fit. Set the stretch properties of each of your textfields correctly as well. Also check the box that says 'Print when detail overflows' in you subreport properties. If none of this works, reply and we can keep investigating.Hope this helps...
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Thanks for those pointers I've got the data outputting but its having a knock on effect to data present below the sub report in the same band and its appearing on top of this data. (I can't add any additional order bys into sql statement to create a new band for this data)

Ideally what I'd like is for the resizing of the sub report to affect the main report so that the data following it moves down the page aswell. Is this possible?


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What you need to do is create a group inside of your main report and place the overlapping subreport inside of the group header. Make sure that the 'Split Allowed' option is not enabled, as it will allow the data to overflow into the next band. Also, inside of your subreport properties, make sure that 'Print when detail overflows' is checked, so that it will keep printing even if the data is longer than the defined size of the report. If that doesn't work, let me know and we'll keep investigating.


If necessary, create 2 groups and seperate the subreports using each of the Group header bands.



Page Header

Column Header

Group1 Header - subreport 1

Detail - subreport 2

Group1 Footer (optional)

column footer

page footer

last page



If you want each subreport to print on a new page, then in you group properties, check the 'Start on a new Page' option... Hope this helps :P

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maybe could someone help me? i have a main report with 6 subreports embedded. one of them has the orientation landscape. the orhers and the main report portrait. As you could imagine, it does print but the subreport with landscape as orientation is not shown completly. How can i do that the main report understands, it has a subreport with another size and print it as it is? Just as PDF it does?


Please, help me! I'm getting desperated!



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