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How to load subreport from jasper file


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I have main report say abc.jasper.

I have one more report say subrpt.jsper.

Now i want to use subrpt.jasper as a subreport in main abc.jasper report by using Jasper Report API's.


i am loading abc.jasper by Jasper Report API and doing some modifications by converting the loaded abc.jasper file into JasperDesign object.


Now while modifying main report i also wants to add subrpt.jasper file as a subreport for my main report in column footer band and pass some parameter for subreport.


can anybody knows how to do it by using Jasper Report API's or Java.


Please it's urgent..........



Ritesh Kumar

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This is not a JasperServer question.


Have a look at using the net.sf.jasperreports.engine.design.JRSubreport* classes. These allow you to manage subreports in the design process and insert them into the JasperDesign object.





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