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Implementing Line Break


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Hi All,




Using the below tag , I am displaying the value of 'tnc' which i fetch from the database.


<textFieldExpression class="java.lang.String"><![CDATA[$P{tnc}]]></textFieldExpression>



My requirement is to display the value of 'tnc' in multiple lines.


For ex : The value of 'tnc' in the database is

'My name is karthikeyan I am learning reports'.


I am fetching this value from the database and assigning it to a variable named 'tnc'


The output in the report should be like


My name is karthikeyan

I am learning reports



I tried inserting "n","/n","rn",n,rn in between the word 'karthikeyan' and 'I', but nothing worked out for me.


I would appreiciate if you can let me know the solution for this problem.



Thank you,



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Thanks for your reply.


I tried using "nr" , but couldn't able to get the right result.


I tried the following update to my database data.


1. 'My name is karthikeyan "n r" I am learning reports'


2. 'My name is karthikeyan n r I am learning reports'


But Still the output is not resulted in two lines.

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