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Urgent help with printing detail records!!!


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Can anyone let me know if there is a way to print detail record any time we want to....


here is my problem:

I have a SQL inside my report template which returns an id, name and date...for each of these ids I need to execute 2 separate SQLs and display the resultSets in the detail section...for this, in the report scriptlet beforeGroupInit I have executed the 2 SQLs and the data is populated into arrays. it works perfect so far.....the problem now is I am not able to traverse through the arrays and print them in the detail section as the report engine invokes the beforeDetailEval method only once for each id as returned by the SQL. I tried calling the beforeDetailEval from beforeGroupInit, but still it is printing only once.....


I know subreports is one solutions, but this report is being manipulated at run time depending on some conditions and also this report needs to be exported to xls....as subreports do not get exported correctly for xls, I would like to do this without using sub-reports....


any suggestions without using subreports is greatly appreciated.....It is very urgent to get a solutions for this......please help me out!!!

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