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Spring Datasource and Subreports


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I have two reports - one master report and one sub report.


I have set up a Spring Loaded Hibernate connection as the datsource - this appears to be fine.


If i run the reports seperately they are fine. However, when I run the master report the subreport fails to appear.


Having searched the forums this appears to be a common problem and it would seem that no-one has posted an answer.


How exactly do i pass the data source between the master and the sub-report ? I have noticed brief references to using the datasource expression but no examples of what exacly should be entered in this expression.


If i set up the scenario using a JDBC connection and pass the $P{REPORT_CONNECTION} parameter all works as expected.


If i set up the scenario using a Spring Loaded Hibernate connection and pass the $P{REPORT_DATA_SOURCE} parameter the sub-report does not display.


What exactly do I pass to the sub report and eaxctly how do i pass it.


I am using iReport 1.3.2





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OK I have managed to solve this one.


The solution is as follows.


In Subreport Properties > Subreport tab, set the Connection/Datasource Expression to Don't use connection or Data Source.




In Subreport Properties > Subreport (Other ) tab > Subreport Parameters tab - add a parameter called HIBERNATE_SESSION and set it's corresponding Expression to $P{HIBERNATE_SESSION}.


By doing this, the Hibernate Session from the master ( which is a built-in parameter ) is passed through as a parameter to the subreport and assigned to the subreports own version of this parameter.


Hey presto - it all works.





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Hi andy,


It's great to know that you have successfully made the connection for Spring Hibernate Connection datasource. Could you help me to go through a bit on how do you do that ? I bought the iReport manual but it doesn't seems to be helpful.


I had posted a question at here http://www.jasperforge.org/index.php?option=com_joomlaboard&Itemid=215&func=view&id=32275&catid=9


Your help is very much appreciated. :(

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